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The quest for a perfect 349...

Here is a collection of tips and mods.  Those can either bring improvements to your 349 or correct design flows and prevent aggravation.  Note that some of the issues listed below may be unresolved and members suggestions are always welcomed.

Secure curtains retainers

Issue: Plastic snaps that hold curtain retainers are weak, keep falling off.  Solution: Unscrew the plastic snaps, drill a 3mm hole and screw in place the fabric retainer by reusing the snap base and slightly larger stainless steel screws.

Protect bowsprit from anchor rubbing

Issue: Delta factor anchor is a bit too wide and rub against bowsprit and damage gel-coat Solution: Install a stainless steel plate or plastic corner guard to the port side ( Mod photo courtesy of 349 Forum member Singoviv)

Chain jamming up windlass when lifting anchor

Issue: Anchor locker is on the shallow side and the chain can easily jam into the windlass when lifting anchor. Solution: pull chain away from windlass as anchor is lifted

Quick removal of bimini aft straps

Issue: Detaching the bimini aft straps from the aft rail is tedious at best Solution: Remove factory plastic strap adjusters and replace with snap hooks.  Wichard’s #2284 Safety Webbing Snap Hook is perfect for this.

Retaining line behind stove

Issue: items stored on shelf behind stove can easily tip over Solution: Install retaining line

Veneer peeling off lazarette door and shower partition

Issue: Veneer peels off the lazarette door and shower partition due to moisture exposure from shower.  Solution: A repair with epoxy glue should provide a long term fix, a more permanent solution would be to replace storage room door and shower partition with a polymer type plastic board such as King Starboard.

Storage under port seat

This mod submitted by Singoviv through the Jeanneau349 forum makes use of the space under the cockpit seat to store a few items. Note that all parts are machined using polymer type plastic board such as King Starboard.

iPod/iPhone lock-up

On boats equipped with Lowrance SonicHub, there has been reports of iPods/iPhones locking up after powering systems down (Navigation instuments and SonicHub).  This seem to be an issue with the yellow (wake up) wire on the SonicHub.  When such issue occurs, Lowrance advises wiring both, red and yellow wires from the SonicHub directly to a spare switch on the electrical panel.