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Guided Video Tour by Erik Stromberg, Jeanneau’s Marketing Director
A demonstration on how well the new Sun Odyssey 349 sails and how well balanced it is. In fact, it can sail itself!
A good presentation by one of Jeanneau’s managers in France with Mediterranean sailing action with winds over 25kt
Very informative video with Jeanneau America’s Jeff Jorgensen going over some of the 349 unique cockpit, cabin and rigging features
A short action clip of Makatea under 30kt winds north of the Chesapeake Bay bridge, USA
For our Swedish speakers, 349 on the northern seas and a good looking crew.  Notice the interesting after market bowsprit on the test boat.
From our friends down under, a nice upbeat video of a 349 sea trail with her new owner
Jeanneau’s official 349 video, no talk just great aerials and smooth music
Another owner’s video from Melbourne, Australia with awesome aerials selfies!